When there are no lesson plans to do...

I get super busy at home. Today, it is rainy and cool in sunny So Cal. Today is day 4 of rain, and there are at least 4 more in sight. We should have a break on Friday, then have more rain after that. But, I won't complain. We need the rain. And, you don't have to shovel the raindrops! Sorry for all of you that will have to contend with the snow, but I say bring on the rain!

I won't really think of school til the week before I go back. We have 3 weeks off, so that means in about 2 1/2 weeks, I can think of school! So to stay busy today, and do what needed to be done before tomorrow. So, I did laundry (so exciting), baked more cookies (I think I've made about 20 dozen + this last week) and made some more plum jelly. It's all for us, as my daughter eats it like it's going out of style. Now, I am going to curl up on the coucg, turn the heater on, watch Eat, Pray, Love and read my book. Good thing to do on a rainy Sunday night!

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