TGI Almost Vacation!

The week is finally over. The kids are getting so excited about Christmas that they have lost the ability to think like rational little 6 year olds. Yesterday was a pretty good day for a Friday, 2 weeks before the big day!

We did our regular Friday morning routine - illustrate the poem page and then take a spelling test. Normal, everyday Friday stuff. Then I planned to do a directed drawing. I was terrified with this group, since they have been artistically challenged this year. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday with their work. We did drawings of a hermit crab to go with our anthology story of Moving Day by Robert Kalan. I love the story and just adore the little crab in it. Here are some of their works! They aren't finished yet, but will be soon!

We finished the day off with decorating cookies. I wanted to decorate gingerbread cookies since that's what we had been talking about. I had a parent make 1 gingerbread boy cookie per kid and then some round cookies. Another girl brought in some cookies shaped as bells, stars and trees from the store. So we decorated those. I was amazed at the amount of icing parents sent in. I had decided if we got nothing, we wouldn't do it. I am happy we got stuff!

Luckily my room was to be vacuumed last night, so hopefully no critters will make their way to the sugar crumbs that were left. I think the kids had a lot of fun with the cookies, but I won't be doing it again this year. Some classes are doing it next week, but I am glad I did it on Friday. I would have been too tired for the rest of the week.

Now I am off to figure out what I am doing next week. I normally do a cheesy Christmas Around the World, but I am wanting to change it. I think. I guess I have 2 days to figure it out and make plans and make sure I have everything I need. Any quick and easy last minute suggestions and ideas? They would be greatly appreciated!

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