Oh, what a week!

This week has kicked my butt! After Tuesday's fiasco with the kids and their behavior, the week has been better. We've been getting our work done and getting to have some fun. Wednesdays are minimum days, so our time in the afternoon gets cut short. I get to do math, but we don't have time for science, social studies or whatever it is we are doing. (This week is Gingerbread Men)

Yesterday once the kids were gone, I sat and did absolutely nothing. I was exhausted. I did manage to get some things cleaned and organized, but not enough. I am not ready for next week at all, and it's the week I do my cheesy Christmas Around the World. Luckily I have seen some cute ideas out in bloggyland, so I will be revamping my units for next year. I am so thankful there are creative people out there who share. I have never been super creative and now I am feeling better!

Today was a freaking madhouse at school! I had a kid drop the f-bomb at lunch, then he wanted to argue with me in class. I had another parent tell one of the aides that she doesn't like me since I make her (the mother) work too hard with her child. We had a birthday party for a little boy and then I had a parent conference with my lowest childs' dad. I know why she is low and why it will never change. If the parent is illiterate in their own language and can't add 1 to a number, then there is little help for the child, other than an older brother who is in special ed. Crazy! By the time they left, it was 3:40 and I had to clean the mess that was my room since we are being visisted by the school board tomorrow. Yippee! Luckily we are doing an art project (directed drawing of a hermit crab for our anthology story) so it will be an easy morning!

Tomorrow we also have Santa Shop. I hate this. The people who organize it go to Dollar Tree and buy stuff and turn around and sell it for $2 or more to make a profit so the 5th graders can have a whole bunch of stuff at the end of the year. I don't know about you, but to me, it's a waste of time and money. Yeah, yeah, kids can buy gifts and learn the art of gift giving rather than just gift getting, but only half the class (or less) has money and it's hard to buy for 8 people with $3. Yep. it happens! But, I will take my kids, help them shop and get the heck out of there and go decorate gingerbread cookies!

I will be so happy when tomorrow night rolls around. I get to go out to dinner, watch my daughter in her last (tear) preschool performance and then come home and collapse. I have a week's worth of DVR'd shows to watch and about a days worth of sleep to catch up on. And I have Christmas presents to make, cookies to bake and jelly to make. Presents and cookies are gifts, jelly is for us - I ran out. Oops! Busy weekend.

Oh, and to make those of you in the chilly areas jealous, we should be in the 80's this weekend. It may not feel like Christmas, but it sure feels nice! :)

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