Today is the start of my second week of vacation. And there are no big plans. We live real exciting lives, so there isn't much to plan for. I have the requisite laundry to do, the cleaning of the kitchen cabinets and the raking of the leaves, but that's stuff that's always here. Otherwise, life is pretty dull!

I was looking at all the great ideas out there this morning on blogs and started writing down ideas for when we get back to work and then it hit me. Testing! We have our benchmark test in February, 4 weeks after we get back. And on top of that, we have a holidy in there, the 100th day of school, Groundhog's Day and teaching the curriculum at warp speed. I'm trying to find a way to fit everything in that I want to do without missing out on something fun. That will be my goal this vacation is to get everything reconfigured and ready to go for January. I have a couple ideas floating around in my head, I will just have to put them on paper and see if they work.

I would love the chance to get into my classroom next week, but no such luck. The school will be shut down, except for the spiders and other critters that will take over our rooms while we are gone. It will be lovely to go back to my critter friends. I would like to go in, make some changes, do some organizing, but that will have to wait til after school, which means it won't get done since no one wants to be there after 5 each day! I may have to do that a couple times to get everything done that needs to be done. Who knows! Great ideas in my head stay there many times rather than be implemented. Maybe I should make that a new goal of mine this year. We'll see!

We've got bright shining sun, so I may venture out today to rake some leaves, pull some weeds that have started to grow and tend to my roses! I've got 2 days before the next storm to get it all done! Happy Monday!

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