"I have beer"

I haven't wanted to post anything since my kids have officially lost their minds. I feel like I am dealing with small, wild animals. Friday was horrible, Monday was bearable, and today was freakin' insane! I am glad today is over. All I want to do is climb into bed and go to sleep, but that doesn't happen with a 4 year old in the house!

On Friday, I wanted to do some fun projects. But the slugs are just that - slugs. They have no desire to hurry or finish up projects so we can move on. It doesn't matter what it is, it doesn't get done. I have kids who still have a project on their desk from last week that won't be getting done. Been there, done that. And I have kids who won't get to a project this week since they aren't anywhere near being ready to start it, much less finish it! I need them to feel a sense of urgency, but they don't have it. Any suggestions? And taking away recess doesn't help - and punishes me!

I did do a project (no pics yet) where they had to write a letter to Santa, or Mom or whomever and tell one thing they want for Christmas. They had to tell me what they want it and how they have been this year. We did our "sloppy copies" yesterday and then started working on the neat copies today. Those who finished put it on a piece of paper cut to look like a box and put "ribbon" on it when they were done. As I was looking through them this afternoon, I noticed one boy forgot to finish the last sentence. When he should have written "I have been good", he wrote "I have beer." I think Santa might like that! I know I was wanting something with a little something in it today! I know for him it was an accident, but it made me laugh, which was good. I'll have him fix it tomorrow!

Only 8 more days of school for the year. And then we are off for 3 weeks. I can't wait! I am going to use the time off to relax, clean, organize and re-vamp some of my plans to see how I can better serve my kids and get them to "get it". A new challenge for the new year!

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  1. I have wine. Let's set aside some special time over the holidays and toast each other.