Happy New Year!

The end of another year is coming quickly. Mine will end later than most of yours, since I am in CA. I got a little teary-eyed this morning watching GMA and thinking that the year was over, but I've got to get excited about the new year. I want it to be the best ever. I know people always say that, but it's true. I want to have a truly great year all around.

I have been thinking about my goals. Yeah, I am one of those that sets goals, but by February, they are long gone. Then I feel bad about myself for not following through, and then it's a big ol nasty cycle of self loathing. I have decided, that I need to go back to being the over achiever I was before I got complacent. I need to go back to trying to do it all and getting it all done. With that thought, I have broken my goals down into different groups. I figure if I put them out there for all to see, it may help me be more focused.

Work Goals:
1. Plan better - I like to wait til Sundays, but then I am tired.
2. Decrapify my classroom on a weekly basis - enough said.
3. Get my creative juices flowing - that's hard for me as I feel I am very uncreative
4. Plan for myself - I have been doing better at this. I used to basically plan for the teacher next to me and it was too much for me to handle. I've kinda made her go on her own, but not totally. She still comes to me with questions about what we are teaching for math and science.
5. Take a class or 3 - I have to add some units, so why not do it and learn something.
6. Say hi to the Ice Queen - I figure someone should be nice to her. I may not get to this one til June! Oh wait, we are out of school then! Oops! (PS...she never did take my gift to her out of her box...)
7. Have more fun with my kids - I feel too pressured by testing to do fun stuff, but my kids need it and it's fun for me as well.

Home Goals:
1. Cook dinner nightly - sounds silly, but we have gotten into the habit of eating out too much. Too much $$$$. I take my lunch to school every day, so this way I can have leftovers.
2. Decrapify my house - I have been working on this one the last 2 days and I feel so good about it. I would love to be a minimlaist, but my hubby would like ot be a hoarder. We have to compromise a bit. I also need to keep it up and keep it clean, but it's hard with a 4 year old and a hubby, but I have to stop making excuses.
3. Spend more time outside working in the yard - It's good for relaxing and it makes me feel better about my home. Oh yeah, but I can't do it when it's rainy, uber muddy or over 100 degrees, so that leaves me like 2 months!

Personal Goals:
1. Relax and enjoy life - I can do this one well, but I need to do it more often
2. Spend more quality time with my daughter - she's growing up too fast
3. Take time for me - it's hard to do when you want quality time, but I ignore me a lot.
4. Lose weight/get healthier - this is on everyone's goal list, but I need to do it. I have not taken time for me and it shows. I am tired of being overweight and need to change. My dr. tells me to lose 10 pounds every time I go see her...I need to make it happen this year...with more than 10 pounds! Plus, it makes me feel better about myself which leads to a happier me!
5. Read - as silly as this sounds, I need to read more. I enjoy reading, but I don't make time to do it. It helps me calm down and relax and it's better than watching tv all time!
6. Be a little self-centered - I have never been one to think abou tmy self or worry about me, but I need to. I need to take some more time for me and take care of myself and worry about me. I worry about others all the time, I need to start worrying about me and taking time for me!

I have a ton of goals and a ton of chances to let myself down, but I'm going to work hard to make sure that doesn't happen! I can do all of these if I really want them and really try. So, with this out for the world to see, here is come 2011, ready or not!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Does it count as being a hoarder if it is only within the cabinets and closets in your classroom? If so, then I too should decrapify (thanks for the new verb).