Halfway though vacation

So today is the halfway mark in my vacation. Sorry to those of you who have to go back to work next week. This is our one long vacation and I love it. I love being home next week when most of the schools are back in. It's so much easier to take my daughter places and not be swamped with people. But, she goes back to preschool next week and has speech class 2 days next week, so my vacation of sleeping in will be over! Oh well!

I sat down the other day and started looking at my plans for the next month. I have so many ideas going around in my head. I am trying to figure out where to fit them all in and not give anything up. It hasn't worked so well, yet. Maybe later today I can sit down and start planning. Or tomorrow. Or next Thursday. Who knows.

Today will be spend inside cleaning. The good spring cleaning kind of cleaning that needs to be done. The throw-crap-away cleaning one can only do when the hubs is at work. It's pouring rain today, so there isn't much else to do, other than be lazy and sit on the couch, but I need to be productive. We spent last week not being producitve and I don't like it. That will actually be one of my goals for the new year is to spend my time being more productive, rather than being lazy. We'll see how it goes.

Happy Wednesday to all!

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