Good thing we are on vacation

I'm sure you all know that sunny So Cal is getting pummeled by rain. Well last night, we were blessed with the wind. And not some little wind either, but big 'ol howling wind. The kind that shakes the windows that are supposed to be in well and makes sleeping a bit harder. At least for me. Hubs was there snoring away. Like always!

It started raining here on Thursday. It rained in the morning, then stopped. It rained Friday. All day. Saturday it rained. Light, but all day. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, all day. I am tired of rain. But today, it's gonna rain all day. And they say this is the worst storm out of the 5. This is highly unusual for us. I like the rain, but not 7 days of it. I don't like to see my yard flooded, though we will have a bumper crop of plums this next year. Our forcast for today is rain, wind, possible hail, possible thunderstorms, possible funnel clouds and possible tornadoes. Um, hello Mother Nature? This is Southern California! Tornadoes? A few years ago there was one that touched down about 10 miles from my house. Lovely. I don't know how anyone does it. I am exhausted and it's only 7:30am. We are in for a long weather day!

The upside to the rain is that we are stuck inside. I wrapped all my gifts yesterday and then had some me time. Honestly, I had "me" time from about 3:30 til midnight. I sat on the couch and read and read some more. I got my book finished, so I can take it back to the library and start a new one. Let's see...what will it be? I highly recommend reading The Help. Long book, but very good!

It's getting a bit lighter out. Time to go check out the damage! Happy Wednesday!

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