Does your classroom get cleaned?

Woke up this morning to yet another rainy day. I don't mind the rain, but I don't like being out in it. And like every good girl, I still have shopping to do for Christmas, plus some other errands to run. Like to school to unplug my printer and pencil sharpener. We have the Green Team that goes around making sure people comply with electricity regulations, and I don't want to be the one who gets a nasty note about it. Yep. It could happen. Mind you, the custodian is on the team, but he can't be bothered to clean my room!

Speaking of a clean room, my question to you all today is, how aften does your classroom get cleaned? And when it's cleaned, what do they do? When I first started teaching, my floors would be vacuumed every day or every other day and trash done daily. Now, my trash is dumped daily, but I can go a week without being vacummed. I was vacuumed a week ago Friday, and when I left on Friday afternoon for vacation, I was hoping I would be vacuumed before I got back (highly unlikely since the custodias are also on 3 week vacations. How nice.). Anyway, my whiteboard doesn't get cleaned, but maybe 2 times a year. My desks are cleaned by my kids and Clorox wipes and the cobwebs have been haging around for quite some time (like since last school year). The principal doesn't really know the schedule of the custodian and thinks that everything is good. I don't want to nag and complain, but I don't think I should have to teach in a dirty classroom, either. I make my kids pick up the trash, but after a week of no vacuuming, there is little stuff all over. It's kind of gross, really. Let me know your cleaning tales. I want to compare and see if we are all in the same boat, or if we just get the raw end of the deal at my school!

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. I just finished student teaching and my classroom was cleaned once every three weeks! Trash was dumped daily (for the most part), recycling was left up, cobwebs were in the windowsills from last year if not longer, the carpet was swept only when visibly dirty, etc.

    I had the kids organize their desks on Fridays and wipe the desks and chairs down with Clorox wipes. The white board has never been cleaned (it's technically shower tile and the only thing I've found to clean the board are Magic Erasers).

    Our levy just failed again and cleaning staff/duties with be cut, leaving it up to the classroom teachers to find their own time to do it - even though the new policy is "lights out & lock up" as we walk the students to the buses - no reentry.

  2. Our custodians work during the holidays (winter break, spring break, etc). It is when they do their "deep" cleaning).

    Every day our rooms are dust mopped (just a very small bit of the floor is tile) and vacuumed and the trash emptied. During the breaks they wash and reseal the tile flooring and do windows and stairs with a real deep clean.

    Whiteboards and such in the classroom are the job of the students/staff. I don't let the kids clean the whiteboard because of the spray (we have to be careful of them inhaling it -- it makes ME sick, let alone them) but otherwise a lot of that other stuff is delegated between the kids and I.

    If my room doesn't get clean, I know it was because our regular custodian wasn't there. She is by far the best one I've worked with.

  3. Same boat as you! We only get trash dumped daily. It is suppose to be vacuumed every day but we go through about 10 janitors in a year so it happens about once a month! That's all I get. So frustrating.

  4. I went in this morning to do what I needed to, and the floors were not vacuumed on Friday. Good thing we didn't have a party and leave crumbs. My room will have to go a month without it being vacuumed. Disgusting in that I get to work in it and also that people get paid to NOT do their job. But, I bet there are some teachers who kiss ass and get it cleaned daily!

  5. My trash is emptied daily. My carpet is supposed to be vacuumed daily and the tile floor is supposed to be done 2x a week. The last time my floor was mopped was weeks ago and they used an old stinky mop and stinky water. The kids and I were gagging because of the smell :(

    I have to ask to have the sink cleaned in my room because they forget about it. I have dust piling up in the windowsills and on the blinds as well as the tops of the cabinets. I have to specifically ask to have that done to.

    It irritates me because I see our custodians all day long sitting in the little supply room in the middle of the hallway chatting or wondering the halls talking so loud on their cell phones I have to close my door. It is irritating to me that they get paid to talk and chat when they could be using that time to clean and keep the school in good working order. Our school bathrooms are not getting cleaned regularly anymore either. It's disgusting :(

  6. I think it's so sad that we are all in the same boat. Somehow, the teachers need to rise up and take over! Our school hired a 3 hr. custodian to clean the kindergarten rooms - there are 2 rooms and a bathroom. It shouldn't take her 3 hours to clean it. But those 2 rooms will be sparkling clean while those of us out in the portables will suffer in filth. I told my students that I wanted Santa to bring me a vacuum for my classroom. I may have to go purchase one for my own sanity!

  7. My trash is emptied daily and that is about it! AWful! I have my kids sweep my room at the end of the day. They also sweep the carpet when needed. Our custodians are suppose to mop once a week, but I don't think it has EVER happened. I bought a swifter to spot clean when needed.