Christmas Around the World - Parts 4 and 5

On Thursday, we spent some time talking about Mexico. It's interesting that over half my kids have family from Mexico (they are all born here), yet they have no idea what's celebrated there. I guess the families have Americanized Christmas for their children. Without getting too religious on the kids, we talked a bit about Las Posadas and then the legend of the poinsettia. The students then made a poinsettia leaf/flower.

We spend the afternoon talking a bit about reindeer and Rudolph. Some of the kids made a reindeer ornament with popsicle sticks. I didn't get a pic of it, since I was so pissed off when it was done. The kids kept taking the sticks apart, even after they were drying. When they were done, they spent the last part of the day doing punch art - poking out little dots with a thumbtack. I'm happy to report no one was stabbed and it was quiet for a good 30 minutes!

On Friday, we read some more reindeer stories. They made a reindeer by tracing their foot and their hands (foot - face, hand - antlers). Again, no pics, as I was busy preparing work for when we go back! They continued on their punch art when they were done. We did some centers after recess with making a green and red noodle necklace, patterned candy canes, coloring and some more punch art. In the afternoon, we had about an hour before we went home. I gave the kids their presents (I love the Dollar Tree!!!) and then they "watched" Rudolph. Most spent the whole time talking, as kids don't seem to care about watching a movie. We rarely watch videos, but when we do, they don't seem to care anymore. Bummer!

I am now on vacation for 3 weeks! This first week is supposed to rain every day! So, not much can get done outside, but it still beats getting up and going to work everyday! Happy vacation all!

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