Christmas Around the World - Parts 2 & 3

On Tuesday, we discussed Italy. We talked about La Befana and what the people in Italy eat. Then we made wreaths. It was an all morning project, but they got it done. It was the only project we did that day, as we had some math to do and then it was Peaceful Playground day, so I didn't have them in the afternoon! Oh well!

On Wednesday, we talked about Germany. We read a story about a Nutcracker and then we made a paper nutcracker. OMG...it took forever, but I think they are adorable. I had the paper cut to the size I wanted, but they had to do it all. My art challenged kids are coming along!

Then, we made Christmas trees this afternoon. I had made a punch out of a heart on the die cut machine and traced it. I made 6 per student and then we used them to make the tree. I took the idea from Oriental Trading who had it in a catalog with foam. I love my spin on it!

We embellished them with buttons, sequins and/or foam pieces. I think they were cute and really easy to make.

Tomorrow we will talk a bit about Mexico, make a poinsettia and then do some other crafty things for the day!

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