And we still have to go to work tomorrow?

I haven't had a full 5 day work week in about 3 weeks, so this week is killing me. I feel that we have accomplished a lot, but dang, I am worn out. I wish today was Friday so I could be lazy and cuddle on the couch, but, no, I have laundry and dinner and lesson plans and...you know the drill. This whole sun-going-down-early thing is relaly getting to me. Last night we were ready for bed and it was 7:55. Oops!

This week, we have started to introduce some ideas of Christmas/winter, but nothing major. I know some classes have, and that's great, but not for me. We will do plenty of Christmas goodies this month, just not now. We made some trees to go wtih our poem for the week. They aren't "Christmas Trees" but they are trees that will become Crhistmas trees one day!

We have been talking about bears a little this week, too. I have been reading the Bear books by Karma Wilson. I just love them. I think the bear is too cute for words. And I was able to snag some from my daughter to complete the set at school!

I think tomorrow we are going to attempt a directed drawing of the bear. I think it might be easier than some of the others. We'll see. I don't have high hopes for art challenged group I have.

We also made some "stuffed" bears. I had the kids cut out 2 bear shapes and then I hole punched them and they were to "sew" them together. Then we stuffed them with paper. They turned out cute, though some need help with cutting on the lines! I hung them up, just for fun. I'll see if it's still there in the morning!

We also did a teddy graham graph today. We used the chocolate, honey and cinnamom crackers. They had to graph them and then answer questions about which they had the most of and then put the numbers in order from least to greatest and greatest to least. They like this activity the best!

We have a lot of work to do tomorrow for reading and math, so more projects will be posted. And my boards won't be bare anymore!

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  1. I love your stuffed lacing bears! We do a bear unit too! You can check out my blog for the activities we do. We did a graphing activity with mini gummy bears! Where did you get your template for the lacing bear? I would love a copy if you could share it.