And then it was done

My daughter learned today that Christmas is over. It's hard to be 4 and come to that realization. She wasn't too happy, but she's getting over it by playing with her mountain of toys, wearing some new jammies and wearing a Santa hat that she just had to have from Walmart this morning! Silly girl, but daddy indulged her wishes!

During my daily bout of insomnia this morning, I was thinking about my kids (among other things). I hope they had a good Christmas. I hope they had Christmas. I know most of them will have had some sort of Christmas, but I hope they all got something more than the puzzle I gave them. I know the local charities were out and about last weekend, so hopefully. And, what I thought before, was that Dollar Tree has so much stuff that parents should be able to spend 5 bucks for their kids for Christmas. I hope so. Especially since I look at my daughter who is slightly spoiled (thanks to the grandparents and aunt and uncle) and look at all that she had and all the more she has now.

Then I was thinking about my kids who talked a lot about Christmas and those who didn't. I bet the ones who didn't talk about it really have had nothing in the past to celebrate. And those that did, have had Christmas celebrations in the past. Makes you wonder. Or I do anyway.

By the time we get back to school, Christmas is a distant memory (we go back Jan. 10). It's too far away to get them to think about it without getting uber excited about it all over again. I think we will spend part of our first day back setting some goals for ourselves as learners for the new year. I am going to start working on something for the kids to do. Believe me, I have my not-so-new goals to keep working on, but I want to start something new with my students and myself. I will post it when I get it done.

Until then, I need to finish putting things away. I think I got my daughter's loot all put up. Let's see how long the house stays clean! Too bad there is still a yard full of mud or else I would send her outside. But that's what happens after 8 inches of rain! Happy Sunday!

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