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I realized that I haven't been blogging like I wanted to. Between work and home, there isn't time. Or at least time I feel I have to just sit in front of the computer and blog. I will make some time tonight to share a couple things from the last few weeks of school.

This last week, we were reading some books about scarecrows. I also had a poem of the week I made last year about scarecrows and then a little scarecrow the kids could color, cut and put together. Since we don't really have fall, this is something we could talk about. (By the way, it was 100 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday...not very fallish!). I saw a lesson on DeepSpaceSparkle.com about scarecrows. I thought it was cute and decided to give it a try. I had the kids paint the background with watercolors, then we cut the other peices out of paper. I learned to make a template, trace it and have them color and cut. I did it for the shirt, but the rest was on their own. Not too bad!

I think they turned out cute. One even gave their scarecrow a beard!

The week before in the anthology, we read a story that had crabs in it. I had my kids write about crabs and then we made some crabs. They aren't as cute as they have been in the past, but this class is still art challenged! We're working on it slowly!

With it being Halloween a couple weeks ago and me being sick, I had no motivation to do anything related to Halloween. In fact, I went to Wal_Mart on Friday morning to get stuff for my kids, just to find out that it was all gone. I bought a bag of Smarties and went from there. We ended up doing a math activity with Smarties and they loved it. I made a graph with all the colors in the candy. I gave each student 4 packs of candy and had them sort them. Then they had to graph it and color in the graph. They got to eat them when they were done, which was their fave part!

Our school doesn't dress for Halloween, but we do a Crazy Hat Day. Students are encouraged to make a hat. The crazier, the better. They are judged, do a little parade and then go on with life after. Here are some of the kids who made hats!

Not all the kids made hats and not all the kids who made hats are here, but you get the idea.

I am still suffering from the effects of a horrible sub. I found out yesterday during the art project, that the sub had passed out supplies to the kids. She went through a box of crayons I had and passed out whatever the kids asked for. I am a hard ass when it comes to supplies. If you lose it within the first few months of school, tough. Bring it from home. Out of my 20 kids, all but one or 2 had extra crayons they weren't supposed to have. I was mad at them, but it was the subs fault. She had no right to go through and give out materials that aren't hers. I collected all the extras my kids were given and collected over 100 crayons! Ridiculous! I put on my form to never have her back again. I had to throw all the work away and cut my loses. I know I will be out again soon, but I hope it's only for a day here and there!

This next week is a 3 day week for us! Veteran's Day is Thursday and Friday is a Furlough Day. The Monday after is actually a teacher work day for conferences, but my conferences are all scheduled for other times. I am trying to plan some fun for the next 2 weeks, since we are only in school 7 of the next 10 days, plus the week after is off for Thanksgiving. We don't teach much in November!

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