We are doing our not-so-exciting unit on maps for social studies. It's hard for first graders to fully understand where they live when they see a map of the world. We've talked about the oceans and the continents, the country a bit and got down to talking about the state we live in. Now with first graders, you have to say things a billion times for it to stick. We asked, and repeated, and repeated again that we live in California...California...California. I explained that we all live in California, that it's where they school is at, etc. Then, I went through and asked each student what state they lived in. Each student said "California". All, except one. When I got to my very last student, after the other 18 had answered the question, one of my little boys proceeded to tell me that he lives in Mexico. I told him that Mexico wasn't a state, but a country and that how can he live in Mexico if all the others lived in California. He said he didn't know and then told me he lives in California, but really it's Mexico. I sometimes feel the same way, but really? You couldn't have just copied the other 18 kids?

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