Thanksgiving Activities

I haven't spent a lot of time on Thanksgiving with my kids. For some reason, I planned other units to be done at this time rather than Thanksgiving. I felt like I have been cramming it in when I can this week.

Some teachers go all out and make Pilgrim hats and Indian clothes and have a hige feast. We did that once and it was a nightmare. Too much mess, too much chaos, too much kids throwing away the food we spent all day making! I will normally read books about Thanksgiving, we make a couple little books and do some fun activities.

Here is what we have done to date (and tomorrow is the last day of school for a week!):

Tukey Cards - fold the strips of paper over and glue them behind the turkey bodies.

Indian Corn - cut and glue the corn together and glue little squares on for the kernals

Books - Trying to read all the informational, fun and completely fiction stories about Thanksgiving.

Writing out what we know about the Pilgrims and the Indians and then having the kids write about it. They turned out cute, even if they aren't 100% sure about what they are writing. "The Pilgrims flotd to Umaricu on the mayflor" or "The Indians hepd the Pilgrims pant korn." It's cute how they write...just wish they used all the words on the board! But hey, we are still learning!

Tomorrow being the last day, there is a lot of work to finish before we can have any fun. If we do anything exciting, they can make noodle necklaces, patterned headbands, a turkey and maybe even a video, if all goes well. I am excited that my kids will be at PE tomorrow afternoon and that I may be able to make it out of school before the sun sets!

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