Teacher Work Days

Monday was a teacher work day. It was set aside for teacher conferences, but I had scheduled mine for before and after the work day. I like spending the day in my room, working on things that I want to do at my own speed.

I spent Monday (after my one conference who couldn't bother to show up on her scheduled time) cleaning, organizing and getting things ready for after Thanksgiving break. I feel very prepared for December. It's a nice feeling after feeling not prepared for the last month. I am so ready for a nice break. It's been a tough few months and I am at my frustration point with a couple of my kids. I will be glad to be away from them for the next week. I know it's sad to say, but some of my kids are getting on my last nerve.

I wish we had more teacher work days, but we don't. The work days are called before or after school time. So, like no other special times! :) I was happy that I made the best of the day, though I still have a to do list that's not all complete. Oh well. There is always tomorrow afternoon when the kids are at PE!

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