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Sorry for the boring blog. My computer decided it was going to stop opening any blogs with backgrounds from Cutest Blog on the Block, so I had to change it. Now it's not as nice as the other, but at least I can see it now. I don't not like being able to see it.

Today is day 2 of my week off and I haven't done anything. I was up early to take my daughter to preschool. I wanted her to stay home with me, but she wanted to go and see her friends. Why not. I had a bit of quiet time, ran to the library and grabbed lunch before I got her. We ran some errands and now she is in her room playing with the dogs and the cat. I guess I am not necessary at the moment!

Mother Nature is being evil this week. We had rain on Saturday and Sunday and now it's cold. It's cold for So Cal standards. We are happy with 80's not 52. It was 30 when I got up and damp, so there was frost everywhere. Time to make sure I get my car in the garage tonight before the next round. Supposed to rain again tonight then be windy the next few days. Good thing my heater is working well!

I haven't even thought of school stuff this week yet. I am trying to relax, read a book and not do much else. It's not productive, but it's nice! I checked one out of the library today, but I will not get to it til next week. I hope I can keep checking it out til January! I may need that long to start and finish it.

I need to go make some cookies for my daughter's school. I want to be like a real mom and bake and surprise her class. Normally I have time to run to the store, get what they need and be on my way. This should be a nice treat for her and her class. Now, what to make?

I still have to go to the store to get some things for Thanksgiving. I wanted to go today, but hubby is under the weather and it's too hard to drag a 4 year old who wants to stay and play with the dogs all day. Guess I will be at Walmart at 8am after I drop my daughter off at school tomorrow. Hopefully it isn't a nightmare!

Time to go do something. Read? Bake? The never ending laundry? A nap with a blanket and heater? I think the last one will win! Good thing dinner is a cooking away! Chicken tortilla soup (homemade) for this chilly day and night! Yum!

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