Magic Monday

I love the first day of school after a longish break. The kids are happy to be at school, they are well behaved and they are ready to learn. I felt like I got so much done today. I hope it translates over to my kids and their knowledge of what we did. There were a few who were quite out of it. It worries me as to how they will be after 3 weeks off in Dec/Jan.

Today we jumped right back into work. They had the regular day like all others. I haven't looked at their work, but hopefully they were right with me on it all. I had them do writing about their vacation and only a handful finished. So they have double duty tomorrow! Most students were writing about going to the movies to see Megaminds or Tangled. But one of my little girls (who was very excited about her writing, by the way) wrote "On my vacation I went to see my dad in the hospital. He gave me his juice. He is nice. I got three minutes to see him." (Spelling was fixed for ease of reading!) She told me that her dad had a black foot and they cut it off. OMG! WTH? The poor girl was excited about this. I feel so bad for her. I hope he is ok and I wonder how long she will stay here until they are forced back to Mexico for $ reasons. What a crappy vacation, if you ask me!

Other than that, we started talking about bears. Boy, my kids couldn't be quiet. They have a lot to say and all at the same time. We started our chart on bears and will finish it later this week. Fun times! I also had them make pine trees (which will later become Christmas trees) with green and brown paper. They had to make a triangle - boy, oh boy. Not pretty for some. Remember, we are artistically challeneged.

Here's to hoping that Tuesday is another great day. And, here's to hoping that the kids who were still on a mental vacation today are "back" tomorrow!

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