Today was my first official day of conferences. Most teachers won't do theirs til next Monday, but I like to get the out of the way and use my teacher work day to work! I don't want to have to wait for people to show up, or not show up. I'd rather get stuff done!

I had my first one at 8 this morning. The parent was only 5 minutes late. Good student, not much to say, but I like to meet with them anyway. I had another one at 3:30 (after school is out and I am done with duty). This parent chose the day and time and didn't show up. Another parent who failed to return the form until Friday chose today at 3:30, but it was full, so I didn't send a confirmation letter. But she showed up anyway. Unaanounced. Without a translator around! Luckily my BFF at work speaks Spanish, so I was saved. The parent really has no clue about learning and just has excuses as to why she can't help her son. I had her oldest son last year and he was self motivated. The one I have now isn't. But he is young, too, so that doesn't help. My 4:00 showed up and sang me praises. I like those parents. He took the time to come to the conference, by himself, even though he doesn't speak very good English. And he took notes on how to help his son. And I know he will go home and work with his son, too. That makes me feel good!

I have one tomorrow at 8am. It's for my highest student, so it should be easy. Just gotta figure out how his parents can help him more at home. Oh yeah, he reads at a 3rd grade level. Ummm, it's out of my league! I hope she comes, just so I can be done with another one and move on. I'm quickly counting down the days til my 4 day weekend. Oh, and I have 6 conferences on Wednesday when I could be home starting my weekend early! Oh well! I'll be half way done! :)

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