Today was a relatively calm day at school. Surprising since it's the day after Halloween. Not surprising that I had 3 kids out today. Must have been too much sugar or too much of a good time and too hard to get to school today. But, it was calm nonetheless.

We had our visit today by the district people. Later this year, the district will be visited by someone important. It's the compliance review. They won't be coming to our site probably, since we are doing what we are supposed to do. But, we have to have the proactice dog and pony show. Annoying. At least my kids were good when they came in, and even announced "The visitors are here!". I always get nervous when they come in to see what we are doing and how we are doing. I shouldn't get nervous, but I do. At least they have come and gone and I can get back to teaching!

I am on countdown til my mini vacations. While we won't be going anywhere at all over our breaks, it will be so nice to stay home, clean and organize all the crap that has gotten away from me since August. Hopefully that will make me feel calmer and more relaxed when I am home. I just have piles that need to be gone through, filed, thrown out or stored. Always something fun. Just 7 more school days til I can relax for a nice, 4 day weekend!

I know the calmness won't last, but I can hope. It's going to be warm this week with wind, so I know for sure there will be no calm. 90+ degrees with some nice Santa Anas mean crazy kids. As long as they learn something, I don't care! :)

Happy Monday!

Oh, and report cards are almost done! Aaaaahhhhhhh!

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