Back to Reality

I have been on vacation for 9 days, counting the weekends. I haven't worked a full week in at least 3 weeks, thanks to vacation, holidays, furlough days and parent conferences. It's going to be hard going back this week and having a full week of student contact. And I can't wait since I have so much I want to do and there isn't enough time to get it all in! We have 3 weeks of school between now and Christmas break and then we have 3 weeks off again. This time of the year feels like we are never at work, but it's a much needed break, though I think I would rather be at work when it's cooler rather than in August when it's hotter than the face of the sun!

For the next 2 weeks, things are status quo. We will do ur regular daily routines and programs. We will also have a little fun with science and talk about bears this week. It doesn't really go with anything in the standards (living things, yes, but...) but it's something fun to learn about. And I have a ton of books on bears (fiction) that I hope my kids will like. I do have to borrow them from my daughter, but she won't even know they are gone til I bring them back home!

Here are a few ideas I have for my unit on bears. I am actually supposed to be working on it now, but the computer is a stronger force!

- talk about the different types of bears (polar, grizzly, black, brown and panda) and where they live, what they eat and see how they are all the same/different.

- bear lacing project - lace 2 bears together and stuff them - looks cute hanging on the wall - if I don't get to this, I won't be heartbroken.

- reading little books on bears

- writing about bears

- comparing bears and teddy bears

- teddy graham graph - graphing teddy grahams and then looking at greater than/less than

- doing a directed drawing of a bear - this one worries me since my kids are art challenged this year and their teacher isn't the best, either! :)

Any other ideas that can be done quickly? I am open to anything!

Another back to reality moment is the fact that we have to meet this week for collaboration. We changed our day that we meet since we have to have the principal there. It bothers me that one person has the power to get things changed since she can't come to meetings when the principal isn't there. Pisses me off. We are supposed to be professionals, yet she acts like a child. I know I've said this a thousand times, but it really bothers me. I can't help but feel upset and frustrated with this teacher and have no respect for her anymore. And it's sad that I feel this way, but it's even sadder that the others on the grade level feel the same way. I keep telling myself it will get better, but it just gets worse. And we still have 6 months of school! Ugh!


Tomorrow will be a cold morning for us to start back. It's been in the low 30's at night, which I know is nothing compared to some states, but remember - I live in sunny So Cal where it's supposed to be warm all year! :) My classroom is a oportable so it takes forever for the heater to "defrost" and start to warm up my room. When I get there tomorrow, it will be about 50 in my room and may warm up by the time the kids come. And there isn't anything that they can do to fix it. I have to remember to take some warmer clothes to keep in my room now that it's winter and I have a crappy system. (In the summer, my room will be 90 in the mornings when I walk in and barely cool off before the kids come in...it's always something!).

Here's to the next 3 weeks of work. I can do it. I know I can! Happy back to work, everyone!

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