And Now Christmas Begins

Thanksgiving is barely behind us, and Christmas is in full swing. As I type this, it's still technically Thanksgiving, but Christmas is on the brain of my hubby. And not because he is excited to have the house decorated and gets to hang up lights. Nope, he and his parents are planning their attack of the stores as I type. His parents want to pull and all-nighter for shopping, while I am getting ready to get into my warm jammies and head for bed! This is what he wants to do - more power to him!

My daughter is all excited about Christmas this year. It's been in the stores for a month now, and she can't understand why it isn't here yet. To be young and innocent and have no concept of time. I wish I could be like that sometimes! Tomorrow I will start decorating my house for Christmas. I have a slightly crazy snowman collection that I love. Funny considering I hate the snow. With a passion. That's why I live where it's above feezing most of the year and rarely snows!

Last year I was in a funk at Christmas time, thanks to a family situation. I would never want anyone to be in a position of not wanting to communicate with their fmaily at any time, but at Christmas, it sucks. Last year, I was glad when Christmas was over and was ready to move on with the new year.

But, this year, I am excited about Christmas. I think it's because my daughter is so excited about it. I can't wait to take her to look at lights and hear her excitement. I can't wait to make the gingerbread house I bought with her and see what she does. I can't wait til she opens her presents and gets all excited. (Hopefully the present will be bought tonight and she is done!).

I am also excited to share this time of year with my class. I am starting to panic because I haven't bought them anything for gifts. Each year I buy them something so they have a present to open. For a couple, it's all they get. Sad, isn't it. Last year I gave my kids puzzles from Target's dollar bins. They loved it as most didn't have puzzles. I have given books in the past, but they aren't as cheap as they used to be. I am trying to figure out what to get them. I like to give them something educational, yet inexpensive, since buying for 20+ kids gets pricey. I'll have to check out Target again (I should have done it this week!!!!!) and see what they have. I'm excited to plan a fun week before vacation to study Christmas in other countries. I know my unit could use a complete makeover, but...I'm not feeling very creative and there's still the limited budget thing. I am going to do a fun bear unit next week with my kids and just have some fun. The week after we are doing Gingerbread and hopefully I can convinve/beg parents to bring in cookies to decorate. I'd like to have the real thing, so we'll see what happens. A messy day sounds like something we all might need. And then the last week is all about Christmas. I need to really plan it this year and see if I can make it more fun and enjoyable and educational. Here's to hoping! If you know of any great sites, please share!

Well, I think my time for bed has come. I hear my jammies calling, along with the book I have been trying to finish. I've got a busy day tomorrow with cleaning and deocrating and possibly a trip to JoAnn's and Michaels. I've got some ideas for gifts and need to get working on them. I need to see what JoAnn's has in fabric and start on a blanket for my neighbor and possibly my hubby, though he is always home. Gotta see how to do that! Time to bust out my paints, my Cricut and my sewing machine and put them to good use. Right now they are awesome dust collectors who should be used way more than they are.

Here's to a great Christmas season kick off and hopes for a great holiday season for me and all you, too!

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  1. For my Christmas gift, I restock the kids' pencil boxes: Crayons, glue sticks, erasers, pencils and then a fun gift from the dollar store or Target. My kids were so excited because their supplies were dwindling and their parents didn't have money to restock. I usually stock up in August and then divy out as their "gift".