Week in Review: Week 8

This week was nothing exciting. Reading, writing, math and science. I feel like I wprked my kids hard, but we didn't do anything fabulous. This week was just teaching. We finished up our Theme 2 in reading, so now we can start on the "real" reading, where the stories are a bit more exciting and the words are a bit more challenging, rather than just being from a single word family. In math, we started addition, which for some, was a huge FAIL! I have a group of kids who haven't figured out the plus 0's. The easiest one, and they are stumped! I know what I will be working on this week, over and over again. Yay. In Science, we are learning about weather and how it changes. We actually had some weather this week, so it made it a little more exciting. We went from 113 on Monday with pure blistering heat to 85 on Thursday with rain, thunder and lightning. Mother Nature has decided to screw with us this year, so I don't know how long summer will last. We'll probably skip fall and go straight to winter...in January!

For my read alouds this week, we started reading books by Leo Lionni. I love his books. We read Frederick, Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse, and A Busy Year.

All these books have a little mouse, or more in the story. They are so cute. In the past, we have made the cutest little tear art mice to hang on the wall. So, I thought with my class of artistically challegened kids, this should be easy, right? Well, I learned the answer to that very quickly. I was wrong. Surprise, surprise! They can't draw an oval, then tear it out if their life depended on it. I can't believe they messed up another project!!!! WTH? What am I going to do with this bunch? This is the class where art comes to die! It's unbelievably sad. I don't know if I can even stand to put up a picture. Next week we are going to try to make a bird. Lord, help me!

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