Week in Review: Week 10

I can't believe we have already been in school for 10 weeks. It's really 9 1/2 since we started on a Wednesday, but I count it since we were there the whole week! I really like my class and they are learning very quickly. There are those who aren't and who drive me nuts, but overall, they are doing very well. I try to plan more fun activities for them, since they are learning well and I think they deserve to have a little fun now and then!

This week, I did an extension on the story from the anthology. We read the story "Seasons" in the anthology last week and we have been talking about weather in science. So, I thought we would spend the week working on a little book about the seasons. We took one season a day, beginning with fall. We brainstormed prhases about fall and wrote them on the board. Then the students go to draw a picture of a tree in fall, and themselves and we made leaves from torn paper.

Then the students wrote about fall, most on their own. I had a group with me every day and we wrote together. Their stories aren't as good, since it was limited to what they thought of and what they could write. Each day ended up being the same for them!

On Tuesday, we did winter. We brainstormed ideas again and then they drew their picture. This time I gave them blue paper to draw, so the white would show better. I punched out white dots for the snow. This is the closest most of my kids will ever get to the snow here in So Cal!

Wednesday was spring. We kept the tree in all the pictures. Again, we used the tear art for the leaves in the spring.

Thursday was summer. We know summer very well. In fact, through Thursday, we were having summer like temps! It was 101 on Wednesday and 85 on Friday and 70 yesterday! We drew our summer pics with the tree all covered in green leaves.

I have put all the pages together and I'm supposed to be wroking this weekend on making them into books and grading the writing. I have to create the rubric first and then grade it. I don't know how I will do the ones that we did together, except note that it was done together - spelling and everything!
To celebrate fall, i had my kids make fall leaves. I traced a leaf pattern onto brown paper. My friend has been doing this project for years and I got it from here. I've done it for quite awhile, but I changed it this year and loved it! My friend will take red, yellow and orange paint and have the kids sponge paint it on the leaf. I've done it too, since that's how she did it. But, this year, I took out some marbles, added some paint to the box and we rolled away. I love how it turned out!

I will hang them up with their other writing about fall. But, since it wasn't as warm as it had been on Friday, they were taking forever to dry! I think I am going to do the same type of project this next week when we do spiders to make a web. I'll see how it goes!

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