Waiting for Superman?

I guess I have been out of the loop for a bit, but I hadn't heard of the movie "Waiting for Superman" til I stumbled upon the trailer for it last night. I watched it and began to wonder. Then I read a review of the movie and wondered even more. And then I started to get mad.

I, by no means, think I am the greatest teacher out there. In fact, I doubt myself more than I should. But, overall, I think I am pretty good. I feel awful when I can't get my low kids to move at all, but I feel really good when the others have that "ah-ha" moment. I try my best to work with the kids, all my kids, and help them get to the next level, whatever it may be for them. I feel I bust my butt and sometimes, it isn't good enough, but it's not for lack of trying.

In watching the trailer for the movie, they are talking about the schools failing the kids. They are in an inner city schools in or outside of DC. They follow students around who are trying to get into a charter school and are waiting for the lottery. The director of the charter school speaks alot, as well as the Chancellor of DC schools (she seems bitchy to me, but I don't know her, so...). All I heard in the promo was "The schools are failing the kids." and "The teachers are failing the kids."

Here's my beef - WHAT ABOUT THE PARENTS? WHAY AREN'T PARENTS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR CHILD'S EDUCATION??? To me, sitting in a room waiting for your number to be called doesn't mean you are vested in your child's education! Parents need to stand up and fight for their child's education. And they don't. At least not where I am!

I've had some parent conferences and a lot of the parents say the same thing - I can't help my child at home. Really? It's too hard for you? How about finding someone. How about learning English yourself. Our school offers classes twice a week at night. With free babysitting. And food. What more do you need? To me, it's an excuse of pure bullshit why they can't/won't help. And people want to blame the teachers?

We received $200 for supplies this year. For the whole year. For glue, paper, crayons, etc. $200 to supply a classroom. Um, there goes the fun! I'm very frugal anyway with my supplies. But $200? That's less than $10 a kid now. We may get more money after January, but I doubt that will happen now that we have a state budget. California must be the laughing stock of the country when it comes to our governor and all. We went 100 days with no budget. And teachers are the ones NOT doing the job? Utter BS!

Until Superman comes knocking on my door, I will play the part of Wonder Woman, doing what I can for my kids with the resources I have, or lack thereof, until that time. I may not be able to save them all, but I will do my best!

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  1. I have heard about that movie but I hesitate to watch it because I fear it'll be more teacher bashing. We've had enough of that already. I bust my ass for my kids every single day, spend hundreds of dollars of my own money (I got exactly $0 from my school for supplies this year and only about 8 kids brought in any supplies) and do the best I can. When you have kids whose parents are involved and get on the kiddos to be responsible and couple that with me getting on them....those kids make HUGE gains. But the kiddos whose parents never both to show up for anything, don't seem to give a crap that their 5th grader is FAILING after a month and blame everything on us....have zero accountability. No one points fingers at them, when many of them are, in fact, the first in line for all the "free stuff". I wonder what they would say if they had to prove their child was passing their classes in order to get their welfare checks. You can bet your bottom dollar, every one of those kiddos would be passing.