Today I am feeling very stressed. It's near the end of the trimester and I have barely started my assessments. I feel I should be teaching rather than assessing, but I can't have both, I guess! I feel bad that we did a project last week and didn't do groups and if I test next week, I won't do groups again. I don't think I can handle that at all! Agh! It takes quite awhile to assess all the kids on DRA. I have tried it different ways - starting with the lows and working my way up, starting with the highs and working down, or just going in order of how I list my kids. I don't know which is better. I did get one DRA done today, and I started in the middle. I tried with 2 other kids, but their minds weren't into it, so I stopped before I got started! I know it's bad, but it's less frustrating that way!

To add to the stress, I tried to have my kids do their writing prompt. I now know what we will be working on in the morning. They didn't quite get the idea of what they needed to do, no matter how much we talked about it. I guess we will give it another shot tomorrow and then I will take the better of the 2 papers for their grade. I know some teachers proofread the work and have the kids make corrections, but this isn't for that. This is to see what they can and can't do in their writings!

And to add to that, we had collaboration today. That's always stressful. It was a little better since the queen bitch wasn't there today, but we can' make any decisions without her since she will just go whine and cry to the principal that we are picking on her. Yes, this is from a woman who is over 50, but acts like she's 15! Ridiculous if you ask me! So, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that we have to wait and get the nitty gritty done when she is there. Lucky us.

And to add to all that, I am out on Monday for my daughter's IEP and then we are heading off to Legoland for the day. Since I am taking the day off, we might as well has some fun! But, I have to do sub plans and get everything ready for the sub. I have some of the planning done, but I will be finishing it up later on tonight and then getting to work early tomorrow to have it all ready to go for next week. I normally get to work early on Fridays and stay a bit later, but tomorrow is our Fall Festival. And of course, like an idiot, I have signed up for a booth, so I have to have that ready to go as well.

I think I may go, have a drink, scream outside and then get to work! I don't like being stressed. Oh, and the weather isn't helping! We haven't seen the sun since last Thursday, really! It's been rainy and cloudy and cold (to us) since Monday! I got home at 5 and it was 58 degrees. I know for some of you, that is a nice, warm day, but for us, it's cold! We were 100+ last week, so dropping 40+ degrees is a lot. And it's damp, something we aren't used to. I'm sure we will be eating our Thanksgiving meals in shorts while others are shoveling snow! Happy almost TGIF!

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