I hate to say it, but I am not a big Halloween person. Never have been. I don't like dressing up. I don't care for the scary. Not really into the witches. Don't like going out to beg for candy. Yep, you can feel sorry for my daughter. She doesn't get to experience Halloween like a lot of kids. In fact, her idea of Halloween is going to Legoland on the weekends in October and doing their "Brick or Treat" trail and getting goodies.

A few years ago, like 11, I had students who didn't really do halloween. It wasn't really for religious reasons, but they didn't do it. So, I thought I would do stuff with pumpkins. It has eveolved into "Pumpkin Day". I now do it every year. We do all sorts of activities with pumpkins. We weigh them, measure them, see if they float (they always do!) and count the seeds. We also make a little book using our 5 senses. It's just a fun day to do something different, but also "celebrate" the season. I think this year I may have kids bring in pumpkins - small ones - and maybe we will paint them. I'm still thinking about it. I feel that this way, students aren't doing Halloween and shouldn't be excluded based on religion.

This week we are talking about spiders. Again, it's sorta related to Halloween without being Halloween. We are learning all about where spiders live, what they do, etc. The kids are having fun and think it's about Halloween! Who I am to tell them it's not?!?!?!

Next Friday, we may watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" if we have time. If not, we will continue with our fun activiites. We may do a couple Halloween stories, make some fun art projects or color a page or 2, but nothing like some others with the witches and monsters, etc. Our kids aren't allowed to wear costumes to school, so that takes care of that fiasco on Friday!

How involved do you get with Halloween? Do you go all out? Is it subdued? I am interested to know what others do!

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  1. I don't do alot of Halloween either in my class. I have a scarecrow hanging on my door. I got all of my kids a baby pumpkin and a small pumpkin. We carve a big one and discuss the parts (seeds). We do not wear costumes either. we will paint our pumpkins and have a small fun fest next Friday with chips, dip and party food. That is about it! We have been graphing leaves and reading fall books that talk about pumpkins, but nothing scary.