Books I've actually read since school started

I've mentioned before that the start time for my school changed this year. We used to start at 7:55, but now we start at 9. It has messed up my whole life! I don't have time for anything anymore, especially any "me" time. But, I have managed to read through 2 whole books for school! I know, you're jealous, huh?

This is the first book I read. It was OK, but a lot of it wasn't gearded for the little guys. Now, I have to admit, I watched the movie over and over again since it had Matthew Perry in it. But, I thought it was a good made-for-tv-movie. I haven't seen it out this year on TV, so maybe they never put it on. I wanted to read thr books to see what words of wisdom this guy had. After all, he was like teacher of the world there it seemed. A lot of his "rules" were common sense, but things that I think parents should instill in their children. But, sadly, teachers must do it now since the parents fail at their job many times.

The one thing I wonder about, and it seems to happen to many teachers who "make it" and then they make a movie about them eventually, the teachers did something fabulous to get their kids learning, and then a few years later, the teachers quit to go on speaking tours and make more money than they would have with teaching. To me, it doesn't make sense. To me, it seems like you are more interested in hearing yourself talk than working with kids anymore. Just my opinion here!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my kids this year are artistically challeneged. They have no sense of art skills whatsoever. And, I am not an art teacher by any stretch of the imagination, but I can hold my own with 6 year olds. I honestly believe that with the Kinder standards being so much higher, the kids are more focused on academics rather than having any fun, so art is out of the question. I bought the book to teach me how to do art so I can teach my kids. We did the first lesson on drawing lines - diagonal, horizontal and vertical. And even that was hard for some. I will have to work hard to get their work to look like something other than crap. And, I will have to work hard to fit in it the day with all the other stuff we are supposed to do. Maybe recess will have to go. Nope! I need them to run around and get all the energy out. I will see if any improvement is made from now til the end of the year. I highly doubt it, but I am a very pessimisitc person, so it's OK!

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