What a week...

...From you know where! This last week has been pretty sucky! I am glad we have a nice, long weekend to relax, get away from it all and start new next week!

It all started off with our lovely benchmark tests. We give them 4 times a year in reading and math. This fisrt one is on the Kinder standards. I expect a lot of 100's since it's an easy test. You'd be surpriised (or maybe not) to see some of the answers given. And for most, it's cause they didn't bother to listen to what I said! Some of my highest performing kids didn't get 100. And they were pissed. And so was I! But, the tests are done, my kids did better than some of the others, so it was OK. Just threw in a monkey wrench to the week!

Then the week got even better when half my kids didn't finish their work on Tuesday. I guess they had too much work for their small brains who can't work quickly. I don't know, but it really pissed me off! So, I made all the kids who didn't get their work done in class do it during science time. I had made Oobleck and they didn't get to play. I let some of them at the end join in when they were done. I guess I need to rethink the work and what they are to do. I guess really I need to pamper the low ones whose parents don't do shit with them and make sure they can at least write their name on the paper and then show them the menu for McD's and have them start memorizing it now! Yeah, I am pissy about it. I have half my class below grade level and out of that bunch, about 3 really work hard and are making good progress. Parents aren't going to be happy when they start coming in for conferences and find out they have to make goals for their kids! Oh well! Life sucks sometimes people!

Wednesday was the worst day in the world - for a long time anyway! It started off with a lovely morning of me being yelled at by a parent. I mean full on, up one side and down the other screaming at me. For supposedly screaming at her son. For one, I don't scream at my kids. I may talk to them sternly, but I don't scream at them. Two, I don't know where the hell her child got this idea. He was one who didn't get to participate in the science, but I didn't yell at him. But, the mom claimed that he says all I do all day is scream at him (as if I have nothing better to do, like try to teach!) and tell him he can't do it. She said that because he is spanish speaking I need to give him extra help and attention. Um, this is America and he is getting a FREE EDUCATION! He gets as much help as the other 10 EL's in my class which is more than the non spanish speakers get, thank you very much! She said he was scared of me and she wouldn't bring him to school til he was moved out of my class. The principal decided to move him, but not til Friday (I don't know why then!). He came on Thursday, was in class with me all day (and didn't cry or act scared or anything!) and had a great day. They moved him yesterday (and I was the one who had to tell the parent - she was even more pissed with that) and when he went to his new line, he cried and screamed that he wanted to be in his old line. He was trying to run over to us, and was reaching for our line. I felt really bad for him. He was a good boy and I had no trouble with him. I think he took something the wrong way, mom over-reacted and then effed up his school year. The teacher he went to doesn't want him (since he is EL and low) and told me that she was going to work him hard, even if mom didn't like it. This teacher is too hard core for 1st grade, I think, and I think the boy will suffer more. But it's not my problem now, though I feel bad for him, not the mother. She's a bitch!

I'm feeling pretty down about my teaching right now. I've got to find a way to get the kids to realize that we are in school, not play time. I only had 9 kids pass the spelling test with 100% (it's a pretty intense test for 1st grade, but all the words were from the -an family!). I guess I need to change homework back and make them write their words 3 times each - daily. They didn't make me proud! And their math is horrible. I have a long way to go. I guess I have been worried about the higher kids and making sure they are challenged, but there are far less of them than the others. And, the higher kids don't listen for shit and make stupid mistakes. Argh!

But, I am off today for a wild and crazy day of running around Orange and LA Counties. Time for some shopping, visiting my dying Grandma and then visiting some friends for dinner. Oh yeah, it's only supposed to be 110 degrees today at home, which will make it 95 or so in the OC, which is hot for them. They say by Monday it's supposed to cool off again. I hope it does and hope it stays, but I know Cali weather - it will be 100 degrees on halloween! Happy long weekend!


  1. I completely understand your frustration. I have a lot of low kids this year. 2/3 of my class is Hispanic and several REALLY struggle with reading in 3rd grade. I have maybe 4 kids reading on grade level out of 15. I am feeling really down as well, but at least all of them are sweet. Hang in there gal!

  2. Those first few weeks can be disheartening, especially when you have those little ones. You don't really know how much they come with before they get to you. I was afraid to scan my first test too. Keep modifying and adjusting. That is all you can do. Sending you hugs from afar.