Weeks in Review 6 and 7

Week 6:
For our author study, we read some of the bear books by Frank Asch. I like it because they are pretty easy and quick to read and the kids don't get bored with them yet. I tried to do a directed drawing with my kids, but their drawing abilities suck. That's the easiest way to put it. They just plain suck. They have no concept of art. And I blame it on the kinder standards being so high now. The teachers teach reading and math and leave out the art part. So, I threw the drawings away. They looked nothing like a bear. I was sad.

In math, we were starting a unit on addition. With our math, they teach the students to find the different number combinations for 6, 7, 8, and 9. The kids got it when we did it together and used manipulatives, so I thought of a neat project for them. I gave each table a number (6-9) and they were to put shape pieces on the different sides of the paper to show the number. Again, a big time FAIL! I had 8 kids who could do it. I was not having a good day that day! Glad it was done when Friday afternoon came around!

In social studies, we were talking about communities. We "built" a community with cereal boxes and paper houses. It turned out OK, but not as fabulous as it was in my head. But, that goes back to their lack of artistic abilites.

Week 7:
This last week was weird. I was out for a day and a half. One half day was for a waste-of-time-meeting at the DO, while the other day I was out with my daughter who was sick. Plus, we had a bus evacuation drill, a PTA fundraiser assembly. a lockdown drill. It was a barrel of fun this week. I didn't cover my reading very well this week, but I had a lot of 100%'s on my spelling test, which gave me hope. My tests are a bit more than just "write the word" so the kids have to really know what their words! Oh yeah, I had to assess all kids on their DRA levels and sight words since we had to send out progress reports on Friday. Most of the kids are moving at a good pace, but there are those who are snails! And it drives me crazy!

We were studying short e this week, so I read a bunch of books about the Little Red Hen and other hen stories. We compared the 2 Little Red Hen's and talked about how they were fiction stories and what that meant. Then we made a hen on Friday (I have a really cute hen with a 3-D wing!) and wrote about it.

On Friday, we did a "Johnny Appleseed" day. We read about him, did a sequence page and made a stand-up Johnny. Then in the afternoon, we tasted apples, graphed our favorite apple and then made apple prints. I hate the smell of tempera paint, so I really hope my room doesn't smell tomorrow morning! My apple prints didn't turn out too good, since I forgot a real knife at home and had to use a plastic knife. But, the kids had fun and that's all that matters!

For math, we continued on addition. They haven't even gotten to adding real numbers yet, but it's all the pre-addition stuff. I again had a lot of 100's on the test, so I am hoping this week when we actually do addition, they can handle it!

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