Weeks in Review 4 and 5

It has been a crazy few weeks here. I haven't gotten into the swing of things with the new times. Add to that being sick and it makes for long weeks! Here is a brief rundown of the last 2 weeks (not counting this week!)

For our author study, we were reading books by Kevin Henkes. I liked the mouse books the best. I had never read his books before, but I really like them. I liked Chrysanthemum the best, but I think it's because of the story! He also has a book called Jessica that I liked. It's about a little girl who has an imaginary friend. It reminds me of my daughter who has "A baby horse and 2 baby bunnies". Yes, they are imaginary! To culminate our author study, we did a directed drawing of Chrysanthemum. Not the best, but not the worst!

For math, we were working on patterns. It was a very simple unit. I don't know why the publisher spread it out over 5 lessons. My kids got it after 1. Anyway, as the culminating activity, we did a pattern project. It was interesting to see who could do it and who had no clue, even after I did it for them!

A week or so ago, we played with Oobleck. It was a super hot day (about 105), so it dried a lot faster than it should have. It was a big mess, but the kids loved it!


We have been studying a bit about communities. Nothing too exciting. We were talking baout places in a community. The kids got caught up in naming restaurants. After going thru all the fast food places in the area, one said "Subway". And without missing a beat, healf the class goes "Eat fresh." I laughed for about 5 minutes. The power of marketing. And all to 6 year olds!


Sickness is going around my room like mad. I have had one out for 3 days, one out for 2 days with a rash-thingy and another one home throwing up. One was a t the dr. for allergies/cold and there has been a lot of coughing and sneezing going on. If Mother Nature would be nice, we might not all be sick. But, it's gone from 110 to 70 to 80 to 95 in about a weeks time. Too many different temps. Bring on 85 for the year and I will be a happy camper!

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