Weather and a full moon

We have had some crazy weather here. And when I say crazy, I don't mean tons of rain, or wind or storms. I just mean the good old fashion southern CA weather we all know and loathe here.

Last week, we started Monday at about 90 or so, on Tuesday we were 80, on Wednesday we were 70, on Thursday we were 85 and on Friday it was 100. As the weather changes, so do the kids. They act out a little more, get a bit crazier with each change. And, to make matters worse, this weekend and beginning of next week will be insane! It was 107 here yesterday, today will be between 108 - 110, Monday will be about 115, Tuesday will be about 108 and then we are supposed to be back in the 90's which means 99. And, this means no recess for at leastlunch and afternoon recess, possibly even morning recess. UGH! Then they say we may have some "monsoonal moisture" towards the end of the week. That means we can get clouds, freaky winds, thunder and lightning (which is something we rarely get) and the possibility of rain. Chances are, if we get a storm, we will get wind and lightning which will start fires and move them along, but no rain. Oh, the joys of living in So Cal in the "fall".

And, to top off the week, there was a full moon, which makes the kids even crazier. I don't know why, but it does. My kids were still pretty good this week, but there was a buzz all over school. Kids just couldn't shut up to save their lives. It was weird. So now, we will have another crazy week. Yippee!

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