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But not when it comes to germs! Everyone at work has been sick, my students have been sick and my daughter has been sick. It was inevitable that I would get sick. And I did. And it sucks! And it feels like it will never go away. It's "just" a cold, but, damn, I hate it when it impacts my sinuses so much. Sleep is not a pleasant task then, unless some Tylenol PM is thrown in for good measure (good sleep 2 nights in a row!).

I started to get sick Tuesday night. I felt great all day, came home earlier than normal and actually worked outside on my garden area (one of my many) that had been neglected with the heat and the start of school. I got a lot accomplished, felt so good, and then came in to make dinner. By the time the dishes were done, I had a sore throat and I could feel the sinus pressure. Great. By Wednesday morning, I was sick. Came home early (thank you minimum day that we don't have to stay for) and took a nap, went to soccer practice, had dinner and went back to bed. Thursday -felt like complete crap! My principal asked my why I was at work and not at home. It's easier to be at work than have to plan for someone else to be there for me! Came home Thursday and laid on the couch til I went to bed. Felt good on Friday, still sinus pain, but not too bad. Why the nights make it worse, I don't know. Woke up today and feel rested, but still congested. I hope it gets better by Monday! I need my energy back!

I just realized I didn't share my week in review for last week. I will combine the last 2 weeks later. Nothing too exciting. But there are pics for some things! Now I am off to wake up my daughter for soccer so it can be done and over with for the day. Think I'll come home and take it easy the rest of the day, maybe lay in bed all day and watch movies. Sounds good to me. Oh yeah, and do the laundry in between times, too! Happy Saturday!


  1. Ugh that first "build your immunity up" cold is the worst. Have you tried drinking a hot tea with 1 tbs. lemon juice, 1 tbs. honey and splash of whiskey or brandy (optional)?

  2. Hey! I completely relate to it being WAY easier to go to school sick than to stay at home. One of my upcoming projects is to come up with a "sub tub" for an emergency sub. My worst nightmare is getting sick in the middle of the night and having nothing ready for the next day. Def. happened last year and 1 am sub plans are no fun. I love reading your blog and need to get goin more on mine! Glad you're feeling better!