My New Favorite Show

I watch TV. More than I should. But it's our only real thing we spend money on, beside my 4 year old! I was so happy that this last week was the premiere week for all the shows. I have my shows that I will always watch til they cancel them (Grey's Anatomy and all it's drama, Law & Order SVU and it's Christopher Meloni - yum!, Big Bang Theory and it's hilarity!)and then I have the new shows that I will give a chance to til they suck. On Monday, I watched Mike and Molly on CBS. Oh my goodness! I love this show. Mike is a cop and Molly is a 4th grade teacher. It's totally not reality (the way she talkes to the class), but I laughed the entire time. I am making sure my DVR is set to record it every Monday night. No football for me.

On a side note, tonight is the premiere of "Sister Wives" on TLC. I will definately have it DVRing. Yes, I make up my own words, too! I am fascinated by polygamy, simply from the mind set of how can someone be comfortable with having their hubby have more than one wife at a time? I don't like the fact that my hubby has ex-girlfriends! There is no way he could ever have another wife! I love the show Big Love on HBO and can't wait for it to return in January. And, I watched the Lifetime movie "The 19th Wife" last week. Very interesting. To me, it's kinda like an accident scence, you don't want to see it, but you can't look away!

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