Minimum Days

We have minimum days once a week. That was the decision made by the geniuses at the district office. No one wanted them, but we didn't have a choice. It was sneaked into the contract ratification when we voted to take the furlough days and save jobs. They were sneaky little you-know-whats! In their thinking, this would be the time for us to have meetings, have meetings and possibly have meetings. But, in our contract, it says that minimum days are our time, since we are already putting in the minutes the other days.

I don't really like minimum days, except for the fact that I am home before 4:00. The kids leave at 2, which gives me time to work in my room on whatever needs to be done. Today is was grading papers and working on progress reports. I got a lot done and still left at 3:15 to pick up my daughter from preschool. I was home before 3:45. Just enough time to relax before we head off to soccer!

Since minimum days are on Wednesdays, it cuts the week in half. I have Monday and Tuesday afternoons to get my science or social studies in, but no time on Wednesdays. On Thursdays, the grade level goes to Peaceful Playgrounds while we "collaborate". That's just a fancy word for sitting around talking about nothing important. We need to collaborate, but we still have the 2 teachers who won't talk to each other! Then we have Friday, which the principal would like to see us to "Preferred Activity Time". Somedays it's a welcome time, but I have too much I need to get done. We work instead of play. Good times!

I wish we had the time on minimum days with the kids and make the days just a few minutes shorter. It would make it easier for all involved, especially me! But, I have a year to do the minimum days til we see what lovely curveball the district throws at us next year!

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