I {heart} my kids

I have seen a lot of posts lately about how bad some of the classes are and how classroom management seems to be taking forever. Maybe it's because a lot of schools didn't start til last week. But, I've gotta say, I love my kids. They are all pretty good. I do have a couple that will drive anyone batty, but overall, they are good. They do what I say, work hard and like to have fun. They are way better than my class from last year. I think last years' group of kids will be "that class" every year. They aren't low, but they are naughty kids. My kids this year can walk in a straight line, do work at their desks without talking or hitting or writing on someone's paper. They are nice to each other and are learning to be polite all the time. It's an amazing feeling to have such a good class. I hope they continue like this all year. Now, they aren't high achievers overall, but they make up for it in their spirit! Ahhhh...love! It's a wonderful thing!


  1. I love my class this year too!! I have a couple I have to stay on, but I am so blessed!

  2. I think every class has a couple kiddos who are going to try to push the envelope. I have 1 who just can't be quiet to save his life (but he's sweet and helpful so we're working on it) and two that I am definitely going to have to keep my eyes on...but 2 out of 29? Not a problem!! And one of them, he is SO like one of my kids last year so I'm not worried about him at all. I had to call his dad and leave a message and the kid says "great, now I'm going to get in trouble"...uh, don't you think you should've thought about that BEFORE you started clowning around?!"