I am so grateful today is a holiday. I need the extra to relax, re-wind, rethink my teaching strategies. It's been a heck of a month at school. And I am tired. I am stressed. I have not gotten used to starting later and getting out so much later! Actually, I have gotten used to starting later, it's the getting out at 3:15 that's killing me! I don't leave til after 4, and even then I don't have things done like I would want them. I haven't been able to get my mind around the fact that I can do it in the morning when I get there. It's very frustrating. And that's how I've felt lately - very frustrated! And it sucks!

I'm feeling frustrated with my class. They are a good group of kids and their behavior is good. But they are low. And they don't listen for crap! My high ones, who should get 100% on things (cause it's really easy) aren't because they don't listen! My low ones aren't getting it since I changed my homework and don't make them write their words 3 times each. Note: that will change this week! They will have to write them nightly! Maybe then they will know how to spell "an". My lows have no help at home, and when I work with them in class, they look at me like I have 3 heads. Frustrating! And remember, I taught D-1 for 3 years with all low kids. I actually like having low kids in my class. I don't mind them at all, unlike some of the teachers I work with. It just frustrates me that I feel like I am letting them down after a month of school. I need a new vision.

Today, I think I am just going to do what I can. My floors need to be cleaned, but that can wait til forever. I hate that job. I want to work on my flowers that are near death, thanks to the 110 degree weather. I want to do my lesson plans and make them make sense to me. I want to bake something good and fattening and not healthy, just because I can. I want to enjoy the "last day of summer" while it's in the 80's before we head back to the 100's soon. I never know why they say last day of summer. Honestly, most places don't see fall for awhile anyway! And for those that do, I am jealous, but I am also glad I won't be shoveling snow to get to work in January! Little things! :)

Happy Monday holiday! After this, there is a long span before our next scheduled day off (Veteran's Day). For me, I have a couple days I will need/want to take off, just because I can!

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  1. I too am LOVING having this extra day!! Our next day off isn't until Thanksgiving!! Ugh!! It's always such a long stretch!!