Health Clerk/Panic Attack

I will continue my week of ranting today. Honestly, I have a really good class this year and I love them all. Most of them, really. But there are just little things this week that have pissed me off. And to me, they are serious things that affect the life of a child.

I have a child who has done wonderfully in class so far. He has made growth in all areas and his behavior is great. He is actually my student of the month for the month. But, this last week, he has started to have what I think of as a panic attack. He has been complaining of a stomach ache, he is doubled over, crying hysterically to where I can't understand a word he says. It's frustrating when he is like this, but today I made it work. I had him trying to calm down, and when that didn't work, he just did his work in between huge sobs. He tells me his stomach hurts, I try to get him to go to the bathroom and get water. I even sent him to the health clerk. And this is where I get pissed off!

I don't love our health clerk. How much training do they have to diagnose medical conditions? I think it's a Frist Aid/CPR class. Big deal. I have that! You know the days when I kid days they don't feel well, but there is no fever or anything like that, but they just feel like crap? I think the kid should be sent home to rest. Especially the ones who aren't frequent flyers to the office, if they don't feel well, they aren't gonna learn. But, no. If a kid doesn't have a fever, hasn't barfed in the class or has crap down their leg, they are good to go. They get some crackers and they go back to class. 9 times out of 10, they are out the next day or puke all over the floor 5 minutes later.

Anyway, my student last week was eating an apple and he choked a little bit on it. Scary for a 6 year old. Heck, I panic sometimes, too! Anyway, he was very afraid and had a hard time catching his breath. He was upset. I was at lunch when the aide came and got me. She asked if he was dramatic and I said no. I was working to calm him down to relax. I took him to the health office and she made it worse. She was yelling at him for not relaxing and for crying. He's upset. Give me a break!

On Tuesday, this same boy was complaining that his stomach hurt. He was crying hysterically again, doubled over. I sent him up, he went to the bathroom and came back about 10 minutes later. End of problem. Then today came. At about 11:30, he came into class crying hysterically, holding his stomach. I had him go to the bathroom and he was still that way. I sent him up to the office again. I don't want to keep him in class if he really doesn't feel well. I am pretty good about figuring out the fakers, and this didnt' seem like it. He ate lunch and came back to class after recess. Again, more of the same. I got him calmed down, had him go to the bathroom, wash his face and get water. Halfway thru math, more of the same again. This time I just did the lesson and he worked between sobs. He got it done, so I wasn't too worried.

This afternoon, the class was going to PE when he told me, through his tears, that his chest hurt and he was going to die from a heart attack. OK. Immediately to the office. I'm not dealing with that. But now, this looks like a panic attack to me, not a kid goofing off. We've been trying to call mom, but she was at work and there was no one else around. Mom came after school and told us that there was a snake in their yard the other day and that he thinks it's going to kill him. I guess the dad killed it, but the boy is freaked out by it.

It pisses me off that the health clerk dismisses his feelings. These kids are 6 years old. He doesn't feel good. I don't care why he isn't feeling good. Figure it out! She wants to claim it's because he is crying that he isn't feeling well and in fact, gets mad at him for crying. Yeah, it's inconvenient, but again, he is 6!

The mom was going to take him to the doctor today. I hope they come back with something to tell us. It's a little scary when you hear a 6 year old complaining of their heart hurting. And he is such a good kid. No kid should have to go through that. Maybe we can send the health clerk to a sensitivity training?

After Monday's temp of 113 and the rest of the week being in the 100's, today was 76 and rainy. We had some monsoonal moisture that came to bless up. We missed some more recess, but we are used to that, now!

I hope all my blog readers on the East Coast are above water and good! Mother Nature is mean sometimes! Happy Friday

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  1. That health aide should be slapped in the face! What a bitch! I can't stand the criers which is one reason I don't teach the small fries BUT I can be sensitive to a kiddo who is feeling upset because s/he is scared or whatnot. I often wonder how come some people who are so nasty can work with children. Our secretary is the same way. She is SO downright rude to the kids and I know as a parent if I ever heard a secretary talk to my kid the way she talks to our students, I would be after her job.

    Hang in there, it's almost Friday!