District meetings

Today I had a meeting at the DO to help make a pacing guide for Language Arts. It's really a joke, but they needed someone from each site, and no one else volunteered, so I was the idiot that went. We were supposed to be looking at the language arts standards and deciding when they needed to be taught through the year. The benchmark tests at each trimester are on certain standards. Some standards are never tested, as they are too hard to test on a bubble-in test.

Anyway, most people there were too worried about when things appeared in Houghton Mifflin, rather than when they were best to be taught. I think some people dont' teach something until it's in the book. And even then, a lot of things are taught half-assed. People seemed put off by the thought of having to teach things out of context from the book. It pisses me off that they put so much into the text, rather than into thinking.

But we are done for the year, so hopefully it will all be over and I won't have to go to to anymore meetings! I came home with a headache and have papers waiting for me at school. Grrrrr!

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