Dear Parent

Dear Parent,

Please don't get mad at me when I try to talk to you about your child. I am only trying to help them be the best that they can be. I am terribly sorry that you can not read or write and refuse to help your child at home. And, I am sorry that you feel that your child is not capable of doing the work in first grade, but they are are. I wish you would have a little more faith in your child and praise their accomplishments rather than dwell on what they can't do. They know they are not the same level as the others, but they are working hard at school. They know when they get home that you are not going to make them work and that if they cry and whine, you will give in and tell them that they can't do the work and they will learn that if the cry enough, they don't have to do anything. Fortunately, they are in my class and are learning that life sucks when you don't do your work and crying gets you absolutely nowhere. Please go home and help your child learn their spelling words and maybe, just maybe, you can learn a little something, too! You have a big advantage from most parents in the class - you speak English. Put it to good use and learn along with your children. Pretty soon, they will be higher educated than you, but you will be too busy squashing their hopes and dreams! Instead, try helping them realize what they can do and teach them to reach for the stars!

Thank you,
Your child' teacher!

This sums up the meeting I had with a parent this afternoon. She feels her child should be in special ed since she can't do the work. The child is super young, should never have been in Kinder last year (her b'day is the cut-off in December) and is very immature. I work with her as much as I can to help her come along, but when she goes home, she's told she can't do it. She's got her parents wrapped around her finger, so they don't make her work. It breaks my heart when parents do that to their children.

On the other hand, some of my kids are kicking ass! They are doing so well on their reading! I love it when I see huge growth at the beginning of the year. It reassures me that what I am doing is working. Now to tackle the others in class who are still stagnant! Always fun!!!

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  1. Perhaps you should submit that letter for publication in the school handbook.