Class Size

I am amazed as I read through blogs the sizes of classes throughout the country. I am amazed at the numbers people think are "too high" to deal with on a daily basis! I have only taught in CA in the same district, so I only know what CA has. In our district, we used to be capped at 20 kids in K-3 and 33 in 4-5. The upper grades were somewhere around 35 or so. Now, with the economy crapped out, we have changed the numbers a bit. In my district, K-3 can go to 24, 4-5 can be at 33 or 34 and the upper grades can be at 38. I have 21 kids, started with 22 and am OK with going to 24. I just wish they were all here now! I know in some districts, they went all the way to 33 in K-3 to save money and cut jobs. We haven't done that. Yet.

I am shocked when I see people have 15 or 16 kids. I would be in heaven. I could get so much done. I wouldn't be cramming in stuff into my day at Mach 4. Or upper grades with 25 kids. I think our teachers would move for that! I read a blog where a teacher had 21 kids and said it was too hard. This is my daily life. And I am asking for more!

I hear a lot of people putting down education in CA, but from the looks of it, we are dealing with a lot more than some other states. And I think a lot of teachers are making it work. True, there are a lot that aren't, but for those who are working their butts off, I think we are doing a pretty good job with 22, 24, 33 kids in our classes!


  1. I agree....when I hear of people with only 15 or 16 kids I wonder how their districts justify that. If a class was that small in my district, they would get rid of a teacher and create split classes because they couldn't afford the expense of that teacher for those few children.

    I have 33 for 90 minutes a day (for math) and 29 the rest of the day. It's the most I've ever had. It is a LOT to manage but we're making it work because its the best we can do!

  2. I Have 15 kids, but 2/3 of my class is Hispanic and I am having to reteach phonics because so many of my kids can't read. If I didn't have a low number, I wouldn't be able to really help these kids. It does make life easier, but I have had more before and I made it work too. I'm just sayin', with a population like ours, it's really difficult to have 20+ children.

  3. I too have been surprised by some of the numbers. In Texas the ratio is 22 to 1 for grades k-4 and then I believe there's no cap for grades 5 and higher. I know some of our 5th grades classes have up to about 32 in them.

    When I taught 2nd grade I was like you, that I just wanted to get to that 22 cap so that I wouldn't get any new students. If I had 22 then I knew I could settle the kids into a routine and know it wouldn't be changed up when I would get a new student.

    Our Kinder classes are all right now at 21 or 22 students and I will say, IT'S A LOT OF WORK!!!! I can't imagine a kinder class with many more than that!! I think that's too much for one person. I wish politicians would understand that smaller class sizes equals better instruction for students! Yes, a teacher can manage 24+ students but it does make it more difficult to differentiate instruction for all of them which will effect a child's over all education!

  4. I've got 18 first graders right now. I can go up to 23 (I think that's our cap now, it keeps going up every year and I tend to lose track). Our district has 2 different sets of caps - one for high risk schools and one for other schools. I teach in a high risk school. I only have 18 (most of my team has between 18-20) because my principal has done everything she can to keep class sizes small. This is true for all of us, up to our fifth graders. I have no idea how she manages to make it happen, but we have consistently smaller classes than other schools in our district.

    (On a related note, I'm so jealous you have more than recess!)

  5. Half my class is EL learners and always has been. It's something that I have worked with al my teaching career. I don't feel that they are any different than the other kids - they all need to learn. Last year my EL's were high, this year they are low. It'll be crazy when we do go to 33 or whatever insane number that will be!

  6. I teach full day K with 23 kids- it is a lot to handle. haha Esp. when you add in that it's a pretty extreme behavior group. Never have taken kids to the principal's office until this year, that's for sure.