When it's hot, we all get cranky!

We are finally experienceing summer here in So Cal. We were so lucky to have it mild for such a long time. But, we are getting our payback now. It's been over 100 degrees now for about 9 days, with no end in sight. That is really unusual. Normally we will have a couple days, drop to the high 90's go back up, drop down, you get the idea. But, we are in the midst of summer and it sucks!

Because it's so hot, the kids get only one recess at 10:30, and even then it's too hot already. But they let them play. The kids haven't had a lunch or PM recess since the beginning of school. They are antsy! They are misbehaving! And it's pissing me off!

Today at lunch, I had a student bite another student. Yep, I said bite. As in chomping down on the students' shoulder. No bite marks, but still, WTH? We aren't animals! We're first graders. We know better. I guess the one student was pushing the other off the bench in the MPR and she got tired of it. I don't blame her, but come on. Give me a break! So, I had to leave my lunch to go take care of the situation, since we don't have aides that can handle it! The kid got to sit in the office, eat their lunch and listen to me call their parents. Not the highlight of my day, but I did make her cry and regret her decision!

The kids are forgetting the rules and being maniacs! It's crazy! But the teachers aren't much better. People have very short fuses when the temps go up. Im the perfect world, it would be 80 all year and sunny, and we would all get along. Let's hope September brings cooler temps, but in reality, it won't cool off til October, and even then it's in the 90's! I can only remember one time in rained on Halloween. Normally we would sweat to death trick or treating! That's the joy of living in So Cal - no snow and horribly cold weather! I won't trade it for that!
Looks like we sort of reached an agreement with the grade level. It was more of the principal deciding what to do rather than them agreeing. We'll see how it goes. I hope it works out well since my kids are involved, but you never know! It could all go to crap next week!

I'm off to go lay in bed and veg tonight. It's too hot to care about anything tonight. And my daughter's getting cabin fever being inside all day! Crazy, crazy, crazy! maybe that should be my theme!


  1. So glad to hear that someone else is having behavioral issues. Kindergarten is mayhem out here in hot Kansas. Any classroom management tips? Esp. for getting them to LISTEN? And no, not complaining :) Just collaborating! ;)

  2. Kinder isn't my forte! I taught it for a year, but I also came into it 6 weeks into the school year! I have a pretty good class overall, just squirrely with the heat. I have mine move colors and that seems to help most. Others...they don't care it seems. Let's all hope for cooler weather and maturity! :)