Weekend Finds

This weekend, I haven't been resting like I said I would. But it's OK! I feel I have scored some great deals!

Yesterday after my daughter's soccer game, we went looking at yard sales. We weren't having much luck, til the hubs decided we would go to one up on a dirt road back in the hills. I was reluctant, just because I hate going away from the main drag too much. I am glad we did. The lady had TONS of kids books for a quarter! I got $11 worth! I wanted more, but they were wet and sticking together and that is a recipe for disaster! So, I took what I wanted. I felt pretty good about it. Doubt I will top that for a while!

Today, we went to breakfast and then went to Goodwill. I like to see what they have. I look at the books and housewares. I am still to "yuppy" to look at the clothes, tho we did buy my daughter a dress there before (but when she saw it, she had to have it!). The one we always go to didn't have anything I wanted, and I was OK with that. Then we remembered there was one in another city, about 15 minutes away. So off we went. It was the first time we went to that store. I fell in love with their book section. They had tons of books. I can't find kids books at the one we always go to, but I left $20 poorer today with books for my class library. They were $1 a pop, but it's still cheaper than getting them new!

Now, I am off to finish my baking, fold laundry, clean the rest of the house, do lesson plans and make dinner. All by 9 pm so I can crash tonight! Happy Sunday!

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  1. Funny how you said you're too much of a yuppy to buy clothes at Goodwill. I have just refurbished my "school wardrobe" solely from Goodwill after donating 3 huge bags of my old things (including 3 pairs of slacks I found in my closet with TAGS on them!). Some of the stuff they have at Goodwill really is icky but I have found amazing deals there if you're patient enough to look. I bought an awesome pants suit there when I was student teaching that brand new was probably $75 and I got it for $4 which you can't beat!