Week in Review

Wow! The first full week back was long, but damn, the week flew by! I really hope the year doesn't go by this fast - I have too much I need to do! I hope it slows down a bit so we can enjoy being at school, learning and having fun!

This last week, we did the letter/sound review that goes with Houghton-Mifflin reading. I don't love the back to school review they do, but I like that it gives me some "free time" to test the kids on DRA and sight words and get a feel for where they are. And, it's pretty sad. I have 11 of my 22 kids who are DRA level 2 or below. It makes me mad to hear the kinder teachers tell me how well the kids did. I am a realist and know that not every kid will be at grade level. But how can half the class be below grade level and they are OK with that? If my kids left me that way, I would feel like a complete failure. But, it just gives me more to work on and work towards! We made an alphabet book on Friday, but it isn't picture worthy. I didn't know how artistically challenged the kids were. Again, over half the class can't draw a person - they are all tadpole people! We've got a long way to go to get them to realize there is more to a person than a head, arms and legs!

We also reviewed the color words this week. A pet peeve of mine is when kids don't know the color words and ask me "What does this say?" I have a chart with the color words and I teach them to read the crayons. It doesn't work for all, but it does work for about 90% of the ones who don't know it! We read the book Rain by Donald Crews. It's from an old reading series, but I love it. As our culminating activity, we made rainbows. The kids had fun! And they liven up the work wall!

In math, we were working with the numbers 1 thru 12. As our culminating activity, I had the kids write the numbers 1-12 down the side of a paper and then glue beans on as a physical representation. Some did well, some didn't! It was interesting to see the ones who were very methodical about it and those who had no clue!

It was a long week. Next week will be a regular week and a start of the beginning of the "real" reading program! We'll see what fun we have next week!


  1. I'll be DRAing kids in a few weeks and I dread it. I'm sure most of my kids won't be any higher than yours. But they probably were back in June. The summer is really hard on our little ones' literacy skills. It pains me.

    On another note, we've been working with some professors from Cornell on ways to teach kids about thinking. One of the things we do is discussing parts of things - it has done some amazing things for helping kids notice things like other parts of the body! They have a website if you are interested: http://www.idsrp.com/

  2. You've been awarded the Amazingness Blogger Award by yours truly! http://gingersnapstreatsforteachers.blogspot.com/