Week in Review - Week 3

Another busy and productive week at school. We are still getting into the routine of things. It's hard when the kids haven't had recess for 2 weeks, thanks to Mother Nature. They haven't handled it too bad, but they are getting cabin fever. We did recess - all of them - on Friday, thanks to cooler weather.

Here is the week in review:
We have spent 2 weeks reading Clifford books. One of the activities we did was to graph Clifford, if he could have been any color. My kids didn't use their imagination too much, as many liked red!

We have been studying matter. This is the chart we created with items under each group. My favorites for liquid were sunscreen and blood!

We started our reading program this week. Our spelling words were at, cat, mat, sat. We made cats and wrote sentences on them. My fave was "The fat cat sat on the mat." I just love how these turn out each year!

In math, we are talking about plane shapes and solid shpaes. I had the students draw some plane shapes, cut them out and make pictures out of them. Not too bad if I say so myself!

Next week will be another busy week. We'll see what all we get done!


  1. LOVE your shape pics- I could have my K kids do this at the end of our shape unit.

  2. Very cute stuff! I especially dig the shape pictures!