Sunday, Bloody Sunday

While it's nothing like U2's song, I am not glad that it's Sunday. Last week totally kicked my butt! I am not recovered from the 3 days of kids. But, it's Sunday and I need to be ready for the week. Thie first week of school was insanely chaotic. Between having a new schedule, not knowing where kids go after school and waiting for parents to show up, I didn't have a chance to leave school til after 4. My goal for this year is to be out by 3:45, home by 4, since I do get there by 7:45 (and we start at 9).

Earlier today, my family went to breakfast and then did some shopping - things we needed and things we don't - but we went shopping. Then, we went for a nice frozen yogurt since Mother Nature decided to send summer our way. It will be a nice 105 tomorrow with the humidity coming on Tuesday. We live in the desert, we don't like humidity! It was a nice break to go out and do something with my daughter. The mommy guilt has been killing me this last week.

In a few minutes, I will sit down and start doing my lesson plans. I should have had them done before, but I didn't. I wanted to see where the kids were before I started planning. So far, I think we are good. There are a few that will drive me crazy simply because they sit there like a bump on a log! They don't do their work at all! Ugh! I hate that the most. At least try something once in a while!

I also have to plan for Back to School Night. We have this joyous event on Thursday night. I don't know how many will come and out of that, how many will even know what I am saying! 11 of my 21 kids are Spanish speakers, so it makes it very interesting to communicate with parents. But, I will give it a whirl! Trying to come up with something a bit different for BTS night, but I haven't even put much thought into yet. And 30 minutes goes by very quickly!

I'd better get working on plans. I don't want to wait til the last minute. If I get them done early, I can start tackling the pile of zucchini I have in my kitchen and the box of plums that are going bad. Looks like Betty Crocker will make an appearance today as well! Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Kids who do nothing drive me absolutely crazy! That's like my hugest pet peeve!

  2. Glad you survived your first three days! I begin that journey on Wednesday- wish me luck. I meet my kids tomorrow night!