On your mark, get set....

Happy Monday! I can say that today since I'm still on vacation. I am not a Monday person at all. Every other is day is fine, I just don't care for Mondays.

Today I am going to go work in my classroom, which is actually a surprise. I thought I was going to spend all day helping a friend move to a new school, but she told me after 12, so I have time in the morning. I will make the most of it, once I am done here! It gives me peace knowing I can get stuff done today. I was panicking at the fact that I wasn't going today. I think today I will spend making the copies I need for the first 2 weeks of school, getting them organized and then doing whatever else I want. I will go back tomorrow and starton the little things that need to be done. Maybe by Friday I will feel really ready!

I went to Target yesterday. I love Target. I hadn't been there in a while, as I was trying to be good and not spend a lot of money this summer. Target = money out of my wallet. But yesterday, I went and started at the dollar bins. T-R-O-U-B-L-E-! But in a good way. Their bins were full of good stuff. I had to be careful and limit myself. But they had pencils. And stamps for hands and paper. And workbooks (which I bought for my daughter, not my class). And puzzles and more puzzles. I love buying the hceapy 24 piece puzzles for school. If something happens to them, and it always does, I'm not out a lot of $. I picked up 5 for the center. My daughter was sad they weren't for her, but they are too easy. Yep. Sad state of affairs - the 24 piece puzzle is too easy for my daughter, yet I bet money most, if not all my 1st graders will not be able to put them together for 3 months. They have the border there and everything! It's almost like cheating! But, it will give my kid something to do!

I like buying fun pencils for the kids. I give them a new pencil each month. If they lose it, they are stuck with the yellow school pencils. I know by the end of the week who cares about their pencils and crayons and who doesn't. I always have a few who are still using the first pencil they got in August all the way in January. On the flip side, I have a few who have already lost 18 crayons out of a box of 24 by Friday, when school just started on Wednesday. Yeah, they don't get new crayons from me!

I'm off to go see what the school has to offer today. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can get a sneak peek at my class list. Let's hope! If not, I at least hope to be able to track down all my materials for math, reading and social studies and hope they are all here! Happy Monday!

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