I went to school yesterday and got a few more things done. When I say a few, I mean seriously, like 2. I didn't have much time there, and I wasn't truly motivated to get things done. And what I wanted to get done didn't happen.

I did make my copies for the first of school. Some things are for the first week, first 2 weeks and for the first 3 weeks of science. It feels good to get some things ready to go and filed. Makes it look like I know what I am doing! I did get my consumable workbooks for LA, Math and Social Studies. Still waiting on science, but I have the books from last year still. Oops! Guess I'd better start using them! Our district went with the cheaper math this year. It's the same program, but instead of all the lessons being neatly packaged together, we know have student consumable books that we have to rip out each lesson for each kid for each day, then fold them in half. Looks like a big pain in the ass and a big waste of time. But, at least I have my math. I can sit mindlesly at the table, rippng pages out. I don't trust the kids to do it, as I will have half the pages torn in half and unusable. So, I will do it. I may do it today in fact, and get started on the year!

I got my class list yesterday, too. Only 2 names are familiar. They are both siblings of students I had last year. The rest are a mystery. It was very interesting how the classes were made. At our school, we have a fairly large EL (English Learner) population. In the perfect world, they El's would be split up evently through all the classes. Well, I don't teach in a perfect world. One teacher has 11, I have 10, and then other 3 teachers have 6 or less. Not exactly even, huh? But, I can't complain too much. I love all my kids. In fact, my EL's were the best kids in my clss last year and worked their little butts off! I hope I have the same this year!

Today is another day to work at school. And now the crunch is on. I thought we had Monday to work at school, even though it's a "furlough" day. We got word last night that the school will be locked on Monday and no one can be there. WTH? That leaves us next Tuesday to prepare and be ready to go. They don't want us there since we aren't getting paid and it would make them look bad. Um, geniuses at the district office? We are there now, not getting paid. What makes it any different? Oh yeah, the parents would be upset if we were there as it would make the district look bad. We wouldn't want that now, would we? So, I will go as much as I can this week, work my butt off and hopefully be ready by next week. I can only do so much in the time I have!

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