Monkey Manners

In following with the monkeys in my classroon, I decided that this year I would change the classroom rules. Normally, I have the poster from the teacher store with the rules. But, I wanted to be different. So, I thought of Monkey Manners. My principal last year harped on safety, respect and responsibility. With yesterday being the first day of school, I talked with the kids about those ideas, along with rules. We put them into different categories and then I wrote them on the chart. (Pictures to come later!)

We ended up with 3 main "rules" - Be safe! Be respectful! Be responsible! Under each one, I wrote the little rules to follow, such as, Keep your hands and feet to yourself, no running, listen when others are talking and complete your work every day.

After that, and because the kids were running out of energy by 2 and we still had an hour to go, I let them color and cut out a monkey to take home. I hope they remembered it was for the rules (I said it a hundred times, but youknow how the first day is?!?!?!).

Now we are jumping into day 2 and on to the regular scheduled programing! No more "fun" today, just "work" as another teacher said! 1 day down, 174 more to go!

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